About MiMBER Edu Solutions

MiMBER Edu Solutions is A team of professional education consultants runs it. We are official representatives of several world-class universities and colleges. We can give you advice on your study plan and help you apply to our partner universities with no service fee required.

MiMBER Edu Solutions

Personalized Service

-: We provide personalized service to every student. We listen to your needs with our hearts, analyse your situation in detail and give our honest and feasible advice. With us, you can be assured that you are making sound decisions. Our services include:

  • University Application Service
  • Student Visa Application Service
  • UCAS Application Service.


All of our services are sponsored by partner institutes and are Free to students


It's always important to apply to the programmes and universities best suited to you, instead of applying blindly to too many. And applying for education abroad is not as easy as just an application form. You would not want to end up in the wrong place or course. You are invited for a 360 degree career planning & course-country-university selection where our qualified counselors know best how to match your resources with your career aspirations & your requirements with those of the universities.


With our one-to-one counseling, determine which course is apt for your career choice, which country is feasible as per your personal & financial constraints & which universities you can do best at. Our partnership with foreign universities allows us to make available exclusive scholarships, error-free applications, timely correspondences & best possible results.


Our exclusive sources keep updating scholarships as & when they become available. Ask us how to manage finances for education abroad. Be it your own money or a loan, our expert counsellors will guide you how, where & when to get finances settled in the most convenient, timely & cost-effective way. We have some financial institutions tied up ready for your assistance.


We would not take a chance with your visa. All AEC students receive free visa counselling, visa file preparation & mock training from our experienced Visa Counsellors. With our eyes constantly on embassy updates & 98% visa success rates, AEC is a one-stop shop for all your requirements.


Our Pre-departure seminars are the best get-together for all students & parents to gain company, share knowledge & experiences & make friends before you fly. Alternatively, you can ask for a personal pre-departure brief as per your convenience. We will make sure you know exactly what to do, where to go & whom to contact once you are in the new country.


AEC takes care of you even after you have landed abroad. Our counsellors, many with first hand experience, will help you choose the best option out of our tried & tested resources with regards to airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions, part-time jobs etc.

We counsel you on your study plan (and career plan).

It's always important to apply to the programmes and universities best suited to you, instead of applying blindly to too many.

We directly liaise with universities regarding your application.

We know who to talk to if there are any issues on your application, and we know how to present your case perfectly.

We negotiate on your behalf for getting you an offer and the maximum credit exemptions.

We understand students' needs and university regulations very well, and we combine this knowledge to make your application process go smoothly.

We help with your visa and accommodation requirements.

It is much easier to have someone experienced guide you through the whole process!

Services are free of charge.

We work for universities so that you enjoy a free service. Please be assured that your tuition fee will never be over-charged.

MiMBER Edu Solutions

WIDE Networks

-: MiMBER can trace its history back to 2002. Since then, we have expanded our partnerships with many leading universities and colleges across the United Kingdom, India and Malaysia. MiMBER eDU strives to be an authoritative study abroad agency, with a special focus in the Malaysia, India and United Kingdom. Our success is built on a long-standing commitment to the specific needs of international students.
Many universities and colleges recognize the quality of our work and have appointed us as their official representative in India, Malaysia and United Kingdom. The role of university representative makes us an important link between you – the applicant – and the university:
Every month, thousands of people visit our website for help with education options for themselves or their children. Every year, hundreds of students choose to pursue their higher education with our partner universities through our agency.
We wish you every success with your future studies!